Saturday, October 10, 2009

Early Work

I just got some photographs of some of my older skeletal work. I was interested in the body, and I found that I enjoyed the aesthetic of simple ink drawings to abstract the skeleton. These were done in india ink, watered down in lighter places to imply distance.

Within this series, I spent a large amount of time on the pelvis, which appealed to me both because I appreciate its shape and because I think there is an interesting play between the "inappropriateness" the bone structure describes anatomically and the sterility which comes with stripping away the skin.

I also became interested in the space between ribs and spine. My early drawings struggled with coding the ribs as being separate from spine with a flat black ink, but I found that as I watered down ink to describe one or the other, an interesting, exaggerated cavity was created.

This was among my favorites. I did a few which were a monochromatic blue, but I don't think they were as successful as this pure black and white abstraction.

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  1. Thanks a lot Joe for your comment on my TOY #1, I had a look at your paintings and still have to understand them, but I'm not mad for abstract... my fault because my mind is on realistic painting, but I promise i'll study mor on other art movements! Hear you soon